Poetess Kangana Mittal launches her second poetry collection "The Martyr of Malice"

"The Martyr Of Malice" by Kangana Mittal takes us inside the hidden chamber of human minds. This book speaks for the people who were bruised and broke down but never got help. In these past two years, a lot of people recognised the plight of their minds, the importance of their mental health and the need to face it. They say it's hard to meet new people and make new friends but what do you do when you're really just meeting yourself now after years of living in this body and you don't necessarily like it? ....more


10 Best Children’s Books of All Time

There is no such thing as a child who doesn’t like reading; you only need to hand them the right kind of book to fire up their reading habits. The following 10 books are those that have

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