The Literary E-Newspaper is the very first e-newspaper in India that will cover news of national as well as international writers only. 

It is an affiliate of The Little Booktique Hub in terms of a literary services company working for the writers, by the writers to the writers, acting as a catalyst for both the Publisher as well as Writers themselves, to ink down their ideas; offering a one-stop solution under a single roof to guide them in having their stories published. 

As this is the very first initiative and is launching on the 76th Independence Day of India, we are offering all the services at 0 costs of investment.

The services offered are:

  • Advertisement
  • Blog Feature
  • Book Feature
  • Author Feature
  • Review Feature
  • A-Z Promotion Features
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Offline Distributions in Stores + Libraries


Why Choose Us?

The Little Booktique Hub also known as 'Hubooktique' is a traditional publication house, that focuses on youths. 'You Write-We Publish' is the tagline that we follow, with over 1,200+ titles published in the market in a time frame of 2 years, we have all the glimpse, a debut writer seeks for. As well, we have our second publication house, which takes care of students, by publishing them in anthologies with over 600+ anthologies published and having a total community of 15,000+ writers, we have readers reach of 25,000+ which makes us one of the literary giants in the market. With around 800+ Google reviews and a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, we are rated as one of the top publishers in Kolkata, West Bengal.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, if not, 100% refund within 24 hours. 

We believe in transparency.




Rohit Bhatia


A person who aims to bring about change, for the change, by the change, for the citizens willing to opt for change. A person dedicated to, not only fulfilling his dreams, but a person, who lives and kits others’ dreams as his own, to furnish them further. He is yours, Rohit Bhatia, the founder of India’s fastest growing Publication House, “The Little Booktique Hub”.
Rohit had been an I.T teacher by profession and a revolutionary writer during his leisure time. He writes under the pseudonym, ’undefinablerio’. For him, pages are his shelter that he nourishes with the splash of ink. He is, currently, the record holder for having been published in the highest number of anthologies, in both the International & National markets, which accounts for 264 books+ and going on. He is the author of the bestselling book “Never Apart: A Tale of Memories” which has ranked #3 over Amazon Kindle Bestseller (worldwide) for a month and “Shades of Human” which ranked #5 over Amazon Kindle Bestseller (worldwide).
He is one of the core members of a Non-profit Government Organization (NGO) named ‘Jeevan Savera’ and is doing absolutely great work for the needy.
So far, thousands have been raised, to a better present under his guidelines and thousands are being taught to be on the platform soon.


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