11th grader, Navika Agrawal, releases her first book of poetry "Feelings"

About the author: The writer of this book is Navika Agrawal, daughter of CA Naveen Kumar Agrawal, a young poet and author with aspiring dreams. A student of class 11th, Brilliant Public School, Bilaspur. She is fifteen years old. She wants to make you experience a thousand lives through a book. She has read many books and has won a few writing competitions. She started writing at a young age. She expresses her emotions through poems and stories. She is a self-published author on Wattpad with her book Beautifully Betrayed'. It has high rankings and a high reach of readers. Her dream is to be Best Selling Author of all time, and this is just the start of her journey. 

She believes in the power of hope. If you believe in something, it will happen. She has believed in herself and made her dream come true. Through this book, she wants you all to believe in yourself. 

Blurb: ‘FEELINGS’ word generally reminds you of memory close to your heart. To make ‘One Word Titled Poem’ close to your heart and make up an attachment, I am bringing you all a deep book, ‘FEELINGS.’ 
Feelings are kind of complicated. Explaining them to someone can be difficult. What we feel is difficult to accept because we know what we think is right. Reread it. But I will invade your heart through my poems so you will feel we have already known each other for so long. All your unanswered questions and unsaid thoughts will evoke a chill down your spine while reading these poems. I want you to travel with me in my poems journey. I want to meet you all for the first time once again. 

The links for purchase are:

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