15 year old Nehal Dhir launches her debut poetry collection "Light from a Dark Mind"

About the author: Nehal Dhir is a writer and the author of the new book, Light from a dark mind. A high school student, Nehal has spent the past five years reading and writing. This is her first work getting published. She has completed a course in creative writing. Nehal can usually be found in a corner with a book in her hand and that book will more likely be fiction. Writing a book was on her bucket list for a really long time and she was finally able to cut it off. She wants to aspire others with her work and she hopes to write her next book, soon.

Blurb: No one can know what is going through someone else’s mind; one can only know how much the other person is willing to tell. Poetry is a form of communication. Poetry says it all without even actually saying it. ‘Light from a dark mind’ is an inside of what is going through the writer’s mind at the moment. Whether it be about snakes, death or about her family. Human mind is a complicated thing, we try our best to comprehend it but it is not always possible, but poetry is a way of knowing what is going through someone’s mind without asking. This book is an example of how random the human mind is. 

‘Light From A Dark Mind’ is just the perfect way to understand the impulsiveness of our thinking.

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